Backyardigans Mission to Mars

Backyardigans Mission to Mars

Backyardigans Mission to Mars is an educational game for little kids
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Backyardigans Mission to Mars is a fantastic game for kids in which you help the crew find the source of the signal emitted from Mars. The game includes two modes: Journey and Free Play. In Journey you play the different stages of the mission in order and when you complete one, that mission will be available in the Free Play mode for you to play whenever you want.

The mission includes several stages represented by different games. Those include entering the launch codes for the shuttle, piloting the shuttle, facing a series of unexpected events, etc. In all the games, the kids will learn something new including colors, numbers, patterns, new words, etc. The characters are really cute and explain everything aloud so that your kid can understand everything by himself/herself. Unfortunately, the sound quality is not very good and sometimes I couldn't understand what they were saying. The graphics are very good, featuring colorful scenes and well-created characters that look like the cartoon. The music is also enchanting and it offers a new track for each game.

In short, Backyardigans Mission to Mars is a great game for little kids that offers a very interesting theme and wonderful educational games that will keep them entertained while they also learn something new.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great graphics
  • Two modes
  • Lovely characters
  • Lots of different games


  • Sounds are not very good
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